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Easter is more than
just giving a chocolate!

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Easter Sunday is the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ which is celebrated all over the world in the christian society. It is believed in Christianity that, the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion (very disgraceful death/capital punishment in which the victim’s hands and feet were nailed to a cross) is commemorated on good Friday, just before the Easter Sunday.

It is believed in Christianity that Jesus raised from the dead, three days after his crucifixion on the cross and that day is recalled and monumentalized as Easter Sunday. This celebration of resurrection is cited as the proof that the God is always judging the world and protecting the truth, and promoting righteousness.

Especial preparations of Easter are regarded as “Lent” in Christianity and Lent lasts for 40 days excluding Sunday. The period is especially observed in terms of fasting, repentance and indulgence.

Easter eggs are popular, because eggs have been seen as the ancient symbol of fertility, while springtime is considered to bring new life and rebirth. The main “Holy Week” is celebrated during the week leading up to Easter, beginning from palm Sunday which continues on Munday, Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday is the final day of celebration.

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