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We deliver Nepali handmade products at your doorstep!

Entice your handmade décor experience with authentic Nepali handmade crafts on iMartNepal. We offer Nepali handmade dexterity such as figurines, antiques, statues, wooden crafts, paintings, native Eco-friendly gifts, vintage jewelry and many more.

Nepalese art forms are practiced over centuries, produced in a traditional way, from generation to generations. With a touch of modern lighting and perspective, these craftsman exhibits extreme level skills for world-renowned exquisite beauty and art. We have both major division Crafts - Traditional such as metal statues, ethnic costumes, wood carving, religious and ritual objects, silver jewelry, paintings, knitwear, handmade papers and ceramics etc. And, Contemporary products like modern jewelry made of beads, bones and horn, buttons, furnishing materials, modern painting, pashmina, bags, toys like dolls and puppets etc.

iMartNepal aims to promote and deliver Nepali homemade crafts throughout the globe. With worldwide shipping facility, we hope to demonstrate and preserve the oldest Nepali tradition and art - skills and original artworks. All the Eco-friendly products we have are solely created, shaped and bent by genuine local artists, sculptors and crafts person.


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Jute Products in Nepal: A Sustainable Tradition Weaving a Green Future

Introduction: Nepal, a country nestled in the Himalayas, has a rich cultural tapestry woven with traditions that span...

2 months ago
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“Sarangi Nepal: Echoes of Tradition, Sounds of Resilience”

Introduction: Nepal, a land of astounding natural beauty and cultural diversity, is home to a musical gem that resona...

4 months ago
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Teej Festival: A Celebration of Womanhood and Monsoon

Introduction Teej, also known as Haritalika Teej, is a significant Hindu festival celebrated with great fervor and en...

8 months ago
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Buddhist Prayer Wheels: Meaning & Uses

A Buddhist prayer wheel is generally a hollow cylindrical wheel made from metal, wood, or stone, often beautifully embo...

5 years ago

Popular Nepali Musical Instruments

Music is unavoidable in Nepali culture. Either listening to the song, humming the tunes or playing the instruments, fro...

5 years ago

Top 10 Tallest Lord Shiva Statues from Nepal and World

Har Har Mahadev! The Hindu god Shiva (Sanskrit: Auspicious One) is one of the principal deities of Hinduism wor...

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Madal | Folk Musical Instruments

[product_embedder_blogs product_id="858"] Madal, one of the most popular double-headed hand drums played in Nepalese...

6 years ago

Art of Mithila: A Living Tradition

The dazzling Mithila artwork produced by Maithili women of Nepal can be traced back as far as the 7th century and h...

4 years ago

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