Nepali Thangka

A Thangka is a painting, usually painted on cotton canvas, rarely on silk. The paint can also constitute of minerals such as gold, lapis-lazuly, mercury-oxide etc. The origin of Thangka lies in the countries of Nepal, Tibet , India and Bhutan. Thangka is a Tibetan or Buddhist painting depicting various motifs and elements of both Hinduism and Buddhism.Thangka are used as wall decorator but for Tibetan and Buddhists it is always a object of religious importance. Thangka comes in huge variety of styles and represents Buddha’s and Hindu deities such as Life of Buddha, Wheel of life, Tara, Mandala and so on.

All of our Thangka’s are painted on traditional canvas background. As iMartNepal provides the largest ranges of handicrafts from Nepal. It provides you an opportunity to order any kind of Thangkas in your own demanded sizes and designs.

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