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iMartNepal is an online e-store to promote the skilled hand-made crafts from Nepal internationally. The main intention of iMartNepal is to promote quality hand-made crafts from Nepal internationally and help preserve the tradition of making authentic crafts by Nepali craftsmen. However, we also want to make sure that we are socially responsible in bolstering the handicraft industry positively and also the whole Nepalese community in turn.

iMartNepal, established in 2012 AD by Bikash Shah, a web entrepreneur with a tiny set up investment and noble desire of promoting Nepali products internationally. Bikash is also the founding member of HelpMyStudy Nepal, a not-for-profit charity organisation working to empower the poor and oppressed in Nepal by helping them/their children achieve the best possible education. Because of his long term involvement in fair trade, Bikash thought he could multiply his experience to support the needy artisans via the Internet marketplace. iMartNepal, thus, came into existence. iMartNepal started with small number of producers groups now has showcased products from many small groups that make and sells quality crafts both from local shop and online store.

The online store will facilitate promotion and purchase of crafts, thus supporting various interest groups, from buyers to sellers. We offered you exclusive unique, qualitative product in competative price than any other in the market. Our Nepalese hand made products like Metal Craft, Silver Jewelry, Tibetan Furniture, antiques products etc maintain its purity. We warmly accept your designs and improvent required in the product as per your requirement.

The enterprise supports grass root level skilled man power so that their financial status will be uplifted. 

Why Buy Nepali Hand-made Products?
1. As Home / Office Decors
We provide the finest selection of handmade crafts from Nepal that will enliven your living room, lounge rooms or any other parts of your house. Ranging from Stupas to Wall mounts to Garden products, you can get ‘touched’ by the artistic history and beauty of authentic hand-made crafts from Nepal. 

2. To Support Historical and Geographical Artists & Artisans in Nepal
The history of hand-made crafts in Nepal stretch far beyond the modern history. Nepalese craftsmen were well renowned in their neighbouring countries for centuries. Because of more than 61 different ethnicities, each holding different art, culture and tradition, we have the most diverse craft making history and geography.

3. To Show your support to Nepal
Being land-locked and due to different social reasons, Nepal is lacking seriously in Human Development Index. Much of cause can be attributed to poverty and lack of market reach. By buying products from Nepal, you are essentially supporting the most hospital, brave and novice people on earth and also helping their growth.

iMartNepal’s Social Responsibilities
1. We are responsible to the artists and artisans
Not only do we support artists by show-casing their products, we also plan to help them improve their productivity through training and awareness. We want to make their profession reputable, and make their earning commensurate with any other occupation in Nepal.

2. We are responsible for our community
We are an active supporter of HelpMyStudy Nepal, an not-for-profit educational organization working to bridge the educational accessibility gap between the rich and poor in Nepal. Differences in educational and economic standards are exceptionally high in Nepal and cause of much of social unrest and tormoil.

We are also the member of
1. Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal
2. Nepal Chamber of Commerce
3. Wood Craft Association of Nepal
4. Handicraft Design and Development Center

Our Contact Details
While our head office is at 182 Kumari Club Marg, Balkhu, Kathmandu-14, Nepal, we have representatives across the globe. Please view our contact us page for details of our representative. If you don’t see a representatives in your region, please contact us directly. If you wish you represent us in your region, please write to us at