Wooden Crafts

The art of wood carving has been the pride of Nepal for many centuries. Woodwork has been part of traditional architecture of Nepal and wood carvings have graced monasteries, temples, palaces and residential homes since the twelfth century, although the earliest surviving dated temple decorated with wood carving. Sculpture or Wood work in Nepal has been flourishing since the early years of the Lichchhavi period.Wood has been an integral part of the Nepalese tradition, culture and architecture which is exploring from the thirteen century during Malla Period. While earlier woodcarvings in Nepal are described in travelogues but some have not survived the elements. High quality wood carving craftsmanship of Kathmandu valley and other different part of Nepal, are reflected in variety of unique products like figure of gods and goddesses, windows and door mythological figures, frames, chest, boxes, home decor and many others. Wooden carving is a craft that has been transferred as potential skills from father to son, with no formal training, for generations.

The art of woodcarving has been in existences since the Middle Ages as evident from artistic wood works found in various old temples, palaces and houses in and around Kathmandu valley. This craft languished for some time, but has seen resurgence since the 1960s with the increasing influx of tourists. Woodcarvings were bought by tourists visiting Nepal as decorative piece.

The opening of new hotels and construction of new houses also created demand for artistic antique wooden decor. Most of the traditional furnishing work is done in three cities of Kathmandu valley. Production is widely spread among individuals and households. Today vintage wood decor have been scaled down to include such items as picture frames, mirror frames, small boxes, animals, buttons, decorative wall hangings.

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