Unique Hand Knitted Shoe | How It’s Made

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 Unique Hand Knitted Shoe

Unique hand knitted shoe

What you think about this shoe? The intricate design which is hand pleated, made up of straw (recycled material) which makes it eco-friendly, isn’t it fabulous? I first saw it at Nepalese craft store that promotes ethnic handmade products from Nepal the Himalayan country where the highest mountain the Everest resides. Rich in craftsmanship and local raw material used and is a handmade product, I was really impressed. I bow to his idea, the hard-work and dedication showed to make this ethnic piece of art.

It made me curious to think that even in this automated world, how people manage to work so hard and make such beautiful work of art. I remember the day, my internet connection was off; I was so impatient to wait for the issue to be resolved I wanted it to be solved in just a click. I compare it my impatience to the endurance and dedication to the artist who made this product. I wonder how much of devotion and hard work the artist would have delivered to accomplish this product. This seems beyond my mind and my ability I admitted.

Nepal has been a culturally diverse country with different tradition and faith rich and popular for its handicrafts products. This shoe was an ethnic Nepali shoe used by Newari community; also used for the holy ceremony, it is regarded to be very pure due to the material used to craft it. This shoe is completely hand pleated and made up of dry straw. Generally it takes one whole day and lots of dedication and requires experienced hands for this shoe to be completed. In the countryside of Nepal women of indigenous societies are being considered as most productive for such hand knitted product and such handmade products have played vital role in economic development in Nepal.

 women carrying straw

The process involves collection of rice straw they are and dried up, then a light spray of water is sprayed on it, to prevent breakage during the knitting process once it is done then it goes to the knitting process done usually by females of Nepal. As you can see in the image different design and furnishing are given. This shoe is an Eco friendly Crafts, easy to wear and comfortable to use. According to Hindu religion, the god Shiva used to wear this shoe and now it’s been a tradition of using this shoe during holy ceremony and in pilgrims. Definitely you’ve admired the uniqueness and authenticity in this product because they worth it. Isn’t it?