Govt. Reg No. 108970


What is iMartNepal ?

We are an registered eCommerce business established under Nepal government Act and rules for international business.

What services do we offer ?

We provide Extensive range of  Nepalese Handmade Crafts to buy online.

Will iMartNepal refund, in-case we didn’t like the product?

Yes, iMartNepal has  100% refund facility in case if you didn’t like the product. For contact, please go  through email address or dial direct number from contact page.

Who will bear shipping cost?

The shipping cost should be paid by customer.

What if I get defected or damaged products?

If defect or damage happens during transportation  or other carrier, iMartNepal will not bear such cost, but in case if the product was damage during manufacturing process then Imart will take full responsibility of those products by providing exchange facility.

Is iMartNepal trustworthy site?

Yes of course, because we give 100% refund facility to our valued customer in-case if they didn’t like the product. so, that our customer don’t have to worry about fraud and cheating.