Nepalese Musical Angles (SKU : knot0017)

Nepalese Musical Angles

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Dimension: 17.78 × 7.62 cm
Weight: 0.15 kg
Color: Multi-Color
Material: Corn Husks, Recycled wooden dust, Natural Colors, Natural Fibers
SKU: knot0017




The Gurung, the Tamang and the Brahmin angels coming from the hills carry a ‘madal’ , a  ‘sarangi’ and a ‘damaru’ The Himalayan Sherpa angel right the ‘jhyalincha’ while the Newar angel from Kathmandu valley drum the ‘dhimaye’. From the Terai, the Tharu angel plays the ‘basuri’ respectively. The ‘madal’, ‘dhimaya’ and ‘damaru’ are different types of drums while ‘jhyalincha’ resembles casternets, the ‘basuri’ a wind instrument resembles a flute and the ‘sarangi’ a string instrument resembles a violin.
The body of these dolls is made of recycled wood and dresses out of popular Nepalese rice paper while the box is made out of recycled paper. Nepal knotcraft centre holds all copyright and patent to this product. Any duplication is liable to legal actions.

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