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Sherpa Mini Village

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  • Dimension : 17.78 × 10.16 cm
  • Weight : 0.25 kg
  • Color: Multi Colors
  • Material: Corn Husks, Recycled wooden dust, Natural Colors, Natural Fibers
  • SKU: knot0015

 Sherpa mini village represent cultural and traditional habitat of Sherpa village which are generally situate at a height of 3000 to 35000 metres. Structures of this mini village  handicrafts are made with recycled wooden dust clay and beautiful natural colors. They are set up at places with a permanent source of water, small reserve of wood, and some good cultivable land.Sherpa houses are generally of similar with slight variation in room sizes. The house are built with wood and stone while the doors and windows are decorated with dark wood carvings. Every village has a important Compa (temple) where resides a Buddhist monk of high Lame hierarchy. The smaller stupa called Chorten is also a Buddhist temple which shows the structure of the cosmos in three dimensions.

Chorten in Tibetan means “The Guardian of the Offerings.”The Sherpa society is regulated by strict but progressive time honored laws.Each village has a head called Pemba and a watchman called Chorpen, who is elected for a year. Growing potatoes is the main agricultural activity of the Sherpas. Each family owns Himalaya products of Nepal.Nepal knotcraft centre holds all copyright and patent to this product. Any duplication is liable to legal actions.

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