Newari Oil Lamp Stand – Panas 1

Newari Oil Lamp Stand – Panas 1

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  • Dimension : 15.24 × 35.56 cm
  • Weight : 5 kg
  • Material: Brass

Oil lamps are one of the important instruments in Newari culture. Burning oil lamps, Panas during ceremonies represents good luck and successful endeavors in any rituals and ceremony. This hand-cast lamps have various traditional motifs and is made out of brass. At the upper pot is a circular space with a depth to hold oil and wick to be burnt. These lamps are placed at the side of the door or on each side of the particular places where the ceremony is happening.

We provide custom made traditional handcrafted oil lamps - Panas directly from the artisans of the native Newars community. Feel free to tell us your size and design requirements via Chat or Contact us page. We would love to light up your world with a couple of these spiritual ornate that resonates with great character and significant decorative presence - add in the cart today.

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