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Panche baja

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  • Material: Brass, Copper, Copper &ladher
Panche Baja is a group of five traditional Nepali musical instruments that are played during auspicious occasions. The jhyali, tyamko, or dholaki (drums), damaha/ Nagara (kettledrum), narsingha (a long horn-like instrument), and Sanai (a pipe instrument), comprise the Panche Baja. Panche Baja contains 1 piece of every instrument
1)Narsingha size:-203.2cm
2)Damaha/Nagara size:-35.56cm
5)Dholak/Dholaki:- 35cm
Tyamko and dholaki either one is provided (Tyamko/dholaki)one is an optional instrument in panche baja set but we provided both to our customers that is supplementary instruments from iMartNepal so the total number of instrument is Six in one set. In every order, we provide our customers with one Gift which represents Nepal & the Gift from iMartNepal Pvt. Ltd.    

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