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  • Dimension : 43.18 cm
  • Weight : 0.2 kg
  • Material: Brass, wooden
The Sahanai, also known as the Shehnai or Sanai, is a double-reed wind instrument that holds a significant place in Nepalese culture, particularly in the context of Panche Baja. It is a curved instrument with a metal body, featuring a flared bell at one end and several finger holes (typically 6-9) along its length. The Sahanai bears some resemblance to the Western oboe in terms of its shape, but it possesses a distinct nasal tone that sets it apart. The sound is produced when the player blows air into the reeds and manipulates the finger holes by opening and closing them with their fingers. It requires great expertise and control over breath to master the instrument. Playing the Sahanai is a skill that demands precision and skillful fingerwork. The player creates different notes and melodies by controlling the airflow and manipulating the finger holes.

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