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Special Khiro Sarangi

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  • Dimension : 54 × 18 cm
  • Material: String, Khiro Wood, Leather
  • SKU: 430-7
Produce your own tunes and immerse yourself in the melodious sound of Sarangi.

Traditional Nepali sarangi are made up of a single piece of wood having a neck and hollowed-out double-chambered body; they are often made from a very light wood called Khiro.

The lower opening is then covered up with dried sheep-skin upon which the bridge rests, while the upper chamber is left open. The neck is fretless, and the strings are tuned with the kunti, the bow. Enthusiasts even attach metal designs and emblems throughout the body and fretboard, carved wooden tuning pegs etc.

Sarangi is a traditional folk musical instrument especially played by Gandharva. It is a popular musical instrument made of a piece of wood, the bottom of which is made a hollow and four pieces of strings are fastened tightly with four wooden nails fixed on the top of it. It is played by rubbing on a group of strings especially left and right repeatedly with a small stick, which is fastened with some strings. Sarangi resembles the violin in western culture. Sarangi in Nepal is played from so many years. It has its own famous rhythms and tones. Sarangi in Nepal has been used as an instrument used to convey the message and news across the country. The Gandharvas used to travel across the nation and go home to home singing the song of current affairs and earn some money. That was kind of messenger tradition.

There are different methods of producing notes on the Sarangi. Most players play the Sarangi by pressing the strings slightly with their fingers of the left hand and bowing the strings with right hand. However, Bharat Nepali and his students rub their left hand fingernails to rub against the strings to create sound. The range of the Sarangi covers almost two octaves, and it is tuned in 5ths.

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