Silver khukuri Gorkha knife coat pin size

Silver khukuri Gorkha knife coat pin size

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  • Dimension : 6.5 × 1 cm
  • Material: pure silver 92.5%
Most people would not think it is a good idea to wear a full-sized kukri to a fancy dinner, or a formal situation. If you are someone who wants to wear a Kukri with their suit, but doesn’t want to get in trouble, the Silver Kukri tiepin is a good compromise. Show your pride as a Gurkha, or just demonstrate your love of Kukris or Nepal with this beautiful tie pin. We have recreated the pattern of our classic “World War” Kukri, but in miniature, right down to the tiny cho. The sheath is exquisitely detailed, much like our classic Kothimoras, but without the leather or velvet. The blade can be sheathed and unsheathed at will, and in order to ensure the blade is not lost, it is attached to the sheath with a tiny silver chain. This Kukri is made entirely by hand from pure silver, to ensure the best workmanship and highest standard of quality.

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