Bright Colored Mane Padmay (SKU : 5035)

Bright Colored Mane Padmay

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  • Dimension : 15 × 14 cm
  • Weight : 0.3 kg
  • Color: Various colors
  • Material: Gmelina Arborea
  • SKU: 5035

The prayer wheel. This piece is a MUST to everyone and those who own a  business. By chanting the mantra "Om Mane Padmay Hum, "  which means 'Jewel in the lotus' in ancient Sanskrit language. But it is believed that as you spin the wheel clockwise it will purify oneself with negativities and creates good karma. The colors bring fancy to the eyes and could add colors to a dull place.

Wood from the species called Gmelina Arborea.

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