Traditional Star Peacock Window (SKU : 5023)

Traditional Star Peacock Window

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  • Dimension : 30 × 30 cm
  • Weight : 0.5 kg
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Material: Gmelina Arborea
  • SKU: 5023
It is very rare to find a design  as this piece.  This is one unique work of art.The spines of the star carries symbols such as  the top spine of the star there is the  kalash, the upper right spine just below the kalash is a  bird, Opposite below the bird is a  flower and at the bottom  spine is the serpent. This pattern is a collectors’ item. In Buddhism, the peacock symbolizes wisdom. Peacocks are said to have the ability of eating poisonous plants without being affected by them. Because of that, they are synonymous with the great bodhisattvas. It is wood from the specie called Gmelina Arborea.  

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