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Antique Statues of Nepal

Antique resembles such things which have been preserved from the ancestor and now exists with its own value and authenticity. Nepal is rich in culture and tradition, and valleys are surrounded by traditional art. It takes centuries to master the art, those which are built a century before now manifest the real value of its essence.
From the small figurines to huge statues all manifest some kind of authenticity. Seeing a 2000 years old statue in Lumbini, one can be admired how rich has been Nepal in such a thing.

Popular Antique Statues of Nepal

Lumbini Statue of Maya Devi

At the birthplace of Buddha the founder of four noble truths, there is an antique statue of Maya Devi which was 2000 supposed to be years old. This statue was made through stone and it is believed that it is the most antique statue that has ever found in Nepal. Maya Devi was the mother of Buddha and this statue is located at Ashok pillar in Lumbini Nepal.

Maya Devi Antique Statue of Lumbini

Maya Devi Statue

Pashupati Nath Temple

Pashupati Nath which is supposed to be the greatest temple of Hindu God Shiva resembles some of the antique artwork and sculptors of Nepal. The statue of lord shiva in this temple was supposed to be erected in 1697 A.D. However the temple was supposed to be built from 464 to 505 A.D and is surrounded by many antique figures of different lords.

Pashu Pati Nath Temple

Pashu Pati Nath Temple

Collectibles of Art Gallery

The National Museum of Nepal has some very antique artwork and sculptors. The Veenadharini Saraswati Statue which is supposed to be the artwork of the 12th century, the Buddha Statue made in the 9th century and a wooden sculpture of Nritya Devi is supposed to be the oldest yet statue of Nepal.

Hanuman Dhoka Statue of Hanuman

Hanuman Dhoka which was built in mid 16th century resembles some of the very antique statues and craftwork of 16th and 17th centuries artist. The Figures of Hanuman at the entrance of Hanuman Dhoka was erected in 1672 and the statue of Narsingha was developed somehow at the end of 17the century.

Hanuman Dhoka's Antique Statue of Hanuman

Hanuman Dhoka’s Antique Statue of Hanuman

Boudhanath Stupa of Kathmandu

Boudha Nath which has been the destination of many Buddhist monks from around the world resembles the Buddha Stupa which was erected during the 5th century. In this Stupa, there is an antique statue that consists of five different figures of Lord Buddha.

Even modern sculptors have followed the traditional style and design while crafting the figures. Modern Artists have gone through the process of crafting such antique statues and they are preserving the traditional Nepali art. Sculptors have been successful in the charter ancestor’s art of crafting.