Most beautiful Handmade Art to choose from ImartNepal

By iMartNepal 9 years ago 3056

Art contains authenticity and creativity of a person, reflecting the magical beauty of itself like a blooming white lily on unseen valley. Art always has its own value even though it has not been admired. Throughout the foundation of art, it has been a way to reflect the imagination.

iMartNepal has been always preserving art and craft, thus we help indigenous artist to expose their artwork throughout the globe. In this post we’ve taken best artwork from bulk of our product to help you selecting the best artwork.

1. This beautiful artwork represents a peaceful village. Canvas in the top of this contemporary artwork is the fountain of beauty. At the middle of society, beautiful yellow colored pilgrims has been added. This art completely manifest the culture of traditional Nepalese society.

2. This artwork visualizes women’s making beaten rice in traditional way. The artist had successfully demonstrated the lifestyle of Nepalese women at early age. The canvas itself represents the way of making rice. This artwork has been made through Eco friendly lokta paper and wooden craft.

3. This artwork represents the society of Tharu in nepal. This handmade art mainly demonstrate the architecture of the home and living structure of indigenous society. The perfect blend of green and yellow color has made this artwork magnificent.

4. This artwork is about Sherpa Caravan. In this art the Sherpa is going somewhere with his belonging which are taken by mules. It expresses the way of traditional transport of goods from the country yard to the village and vice versa.

All these artwok are handmade and itself  represents the passion of Nepalese artist. These are the beautiful eco friendly arwork which are currenlty available at ImartNepal. Don’t be late these products are limited. Pick up your own today!!