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Paper Craft | Fun With Paper

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As a child, we all were craftsmen. Making all kinds of images, shapes, objects using paper, clay, fabrics etc. Psychologist can probably tell better, but I think there is an innate craftsmen in all of us, that over the age, has become dormant or have remained undeveloped in most of us. That’s the reason, when we grow up, we hardly remember how to make even a paper boat (do you still remember? lol).

Arts and Crafts thus is at the center of our being – many of us travel places just to see the immense creativity scattered all across the globe! Museums are the popular tourists hotspots. Major big cities are designed to bring out the best of artists and craftsmen of that area. We naturally appreciate arts and crafts!

I, therefore have thought of trying out my old hobby of origami. And I have found a nice website that will teach me re-cultivate the hobby – hopefully 😉 !  Origami Instructions . I will post my creations in comments one by one. 

What hobby that you had once abandoned as child want to re-take? Please share in comments!