Nepali Handicrafts For Your Home Decoration

By iMartNepal 5 years ago 1815

 Nepali Handicraft for Your Home Decoration

Random Photo From a Shop in Durbar Marg - KathmanduDon’t you feel that the products in this websites are awesome? Would you ‘desire’ to have them in your home? In your living room, in your drawing room, lounge, in your outdoors and some even in your bathroom? I bet you do! 🙂


Crafts have always been the centre of home decorative – perhaps after the photo frames all around your house. Having a craft generally, transforms the place into ‘another dimension’. A figurine, or wooden artefact, or a nice decorative wooden wall hanging – can be placed in your drawing room to make it more inviting and lively.


Nepal has been at the peak of craft making for centuries – in early days is one of hotspot trading spot for handicrafts in the region. Since then, the tradition of making crafts by hand has evolved, improved and excelled by local craft makers. Art & Craft is has played a central part in crafting Nepalese society!


I am sure you will definitely find something in Nepali handicrafts that will make you tickle – can you pick one?