Interesting Facts about Nepalese Wood Crafts

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Interesting Facts About Nepalese Wood Crafts

beautiful hand-carved artistic window famous in the tradtional houses of Nepal in Kathmandu

Nepal is known for being the home of Mt. Everest. Aside from this, this landlocked nation is also a haven of cultural treasures and artifacts. Among them are beautiful wood carvings that you can see nearly in every populated location in the country. They adorn entrances of temples, palaces, and even in very old public establishments that are centuries old. Even Nepalese homes, most of which are purely made of wood, have carvings on its facade and interiors.

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This rich wood-crafting heritage shows the quality of the skill and workmanship of the Nepalese artisan. If you want to have an exquisite timber-based piece of art, you must own one of those made by the wood craft experts of Nepal, especially those from Kathmandu Valley.

The most distinct feature of Nepalese carvings is that they are typically based on Hindi or Buddhist characters or elements like deities, animals, and other religious symbols. This is because the former is the country’s dominant faith, while the latter is the second most prevalent one.

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Also, the carvings are always of a highly detailed and intricate kind, using floral and geometrical patterns. Even portions that are partly hidden contain exquisite detailing, showing the mastery and artistry of the Nepalese wood carver. Small ornaments, such as statues of deities, also are not spared from being covered with exquisite patterns.
There are many skilled Nepalese artisans who still use simple tools in creating beautiful wood crafts. With modern efforts to support these workers and preserve the cultural heritage of Nepal, these skilled crafts people now have the opportunity of upgrading their instruments.
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So, when you buy a hand-crafted work of Nepalese wooden art, you are supporting the cause for the preservation of such a rich heritage. If you want to acquire one for yourself and support Nepali arts, view our collection now.
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