Story of Sabita Maharjan, an inspirational entrepreneur

By iMartNepal 7 years ago 5215

Sabita Maharjan, a social entrepreneur, has been providing employment to hundreds of women in her knitting business.

She founded Kritipur Hosiery Industry in 2008 with the aim to uplift socially vulnerable and underprivileged women so they could be financially independent.

At present, Maharjan owns her own brand K-knitting, which has garnered much recognition for her products and hard work. She launched this new venture with the help of the Business Services Center (BSC).

She has also become the inspiration for Women Empowerment in Nepal.

K-knitting produces a range of items like woolen gloves, caps, mufflers, hats, pullovers, woolen jackets, sweaters, scarves, and socks.  Some of her items are showcased at Kalanki Knitwear and some are waiting to be displayed on the premises of popular restaurants in Kathmandu.

In 2011, Sabita and her K-Knitting family started working with Sherpa Adventure Gear and after two years of product and quality training, their items were finally showcased.

In 2015, the Kirtipur Sweater Jacket led the Sherpa Adventure Gear to the ISPO Gold Award. The International Fashion Textile Trend Consultant (GBR) said the sweater was a perfect combination of tradition and technology because each piece was hand-knitted in Nepal, using 100% lamb’s wool, and a tradition that had withstood centuries had been maintained. As for the technology, the sweater was lined with PrimaLoft Silver Insulation to add warmth and softness.

This year, Maharjan plans to open six more branches and a training center where women would be provided hands-on training for knitwear and handicraft items.

Her business, which she started with 72 knitters, has now grown to support 300 women from different parts of the country.

The women, who are working with her, now have gained confidence and necessary skills to support themselves and their families.