Arts And Crafts Of Nepal

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Nepal Arts And Crafts

With the long history of crafting and carving, Nepalese crafters have kissed the summit of crafting. Even before starting of 17th Nepalese wood craft was popular. The magnificent wooden decors and frame that we can see throughout Nepal  is the graceful artwork of ancestor. You may have admired if you’ve ever visited the cities of Nepal where thousands of splendid statue seems as if they can talk with you. The modern form of art and craft is the outcome of craft tradition that has been following by generation to generation.


Tradition represents the transmission of customs from generation to generation and Craft tradition has profound modern stage through the contribution of generation on artwork. With the diversity of culture indigenous communities have their own crafting tradition. Following the tradition Nepal has gathered master experience on wood carving and sculpting statues.


traditional wooden frame


Woodwork has been part of traditional architecture of Nepal and wood carvings have graced monasteries, temples, palaces and residential homes since the twelfth century, although the earliest surviving dated temple decorated with wood carving. Sculpture or Wooden decors in Nepal have been flourishing since the early years of the   Lichchhavi period. Wood has been an integral part of the Nepalese traditional, culture and architecture which is exploring form the thirteenth century during Malla Period. Wood carving is popular in the city like Kathmandu, Patan & Bhaktapur and from where different types of statue, windows and door mythological figures, Wooden Frames and ethnic wooden decors are being produced.

wooden watch

Metal craft is also the traditional craft business of Nepal. Indeed, there is no dearth of beautiful metal craft works being made day in and day out in the busy lanes of the ‘City of the Arts’. The traditional metal artwork includes making of Buddha Statue and his different incarnations as well as of other Buddhist deities using the lost wax method. Popular Statue of different gods and goddess is the artworks of Nepalese sculptors on which they have spend their valuable time.  How they suppose their work is like their culture and tradition rather than their business. You may wonder if you got a chance to visit the city of Nepal as how magnificently decorated the whole city through traditional metal craft.

traditional buddha statue

Diverse is the nature of Nepali Arts and Craft and diverse too are the raw materials used. What is similar however is the skill of Nepali artist no matter what handicraft they are involved in and their tradition of crafting and creating the artwork.

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