Nepal | WHEN I LOOK AT IT !!

By iMartNepal 10 years ago 2812

Nepal !! A country full of colors, festivals, smiles, rejoice, happiness.

No adjectives are sufficient enough to describe our country Nepal.  Rich in natural beauty, flora and fauna, it is delightful having born in here. Not just rich in nature, but also equipped with skill of price-less art and craft. My country is definitely a source for beauty with brain.

Potters making utensils out of clay, craftsmen carving beautiful architectures in wooden logs, ladies weaving cloths in loom, making wooden decors and statues is not a unique site to see in the cities around the Kathmandu valley rather doing these creative works has been a part of their daily activities. We all consider it as a usual site to view. And this sometimes strikes in my mind that, “Are not we decreasing our own value by not recognizing these priceless gifts of art given to us by our own culture and tradition??” What I mean to say is, all these creative things which we do as regular activity could be taken for granted and these art craft one day could be vanished not even being recognized.

Having said that it dragged me to a BIG QUESTION! In today’s modern day of technology and automation is there a possibility that our craftsmanship will still survive, and our young generation will still take this art-form into them as their elders did? Or will these shiny modern ways of living will swift all it away?? What do you think ???