Women Empowerment in Nepal

By iMartNepal 6 years ago 17611


Women empowerment educates and empower the women who are homeless, with the skill and confidents necessary to secure a job, create healthy lifestyle, and regain a home for themselves and their children. Women are usually not given the same priority as given to men. They are mostly dominated in the society and not compared equal to the men. We can take the example of our country Nepal. 

Nepal being a small, beautiful country is also patriarchal country and predominated by male in all major roles in the society. On the other hand women have been treated as the factory of producing children and limited them only into household works. Actually, they have no freedom in the society and education status of women in Nepal is very low. In Nepal female have no access to education because of the conservative social structure. They have established the concept of women are better for the household activities and men for other jobs and responsibilities. Moreover, in some societies still wouldn’t see positively if girls go to school. As a result, woman has no accessibility to get any job and have to be fully dependent on their women empowerment program family and their husband in terms of finance.

By all the above mentioned truth which exists in Nepali society would excite many organization to help them by giving some sort of non formal education and income generating as well as awareness building training related to women through volunteering service. Provision of education and training to them would increase their education level and uplift their living standards. In addition, the concept of society would change gradually. Finally, they shouldn’t rely on their husband and women in terms of money and can get freedom in family and society too.