Lokeshwor Thangka (SKU : 420-2)

Lokeshwor Thangka

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  • Dimension : 50.8 × 76.2 cm
  • Weight : 0.2 kg
  • Material: Minerals, Silk, 24 K Gold, Natural Colours, Precious Stones, Bark, Silver, Copper.
  • SKU: 420-2

Lokeshwor is commonly known as Avalokiteswara in Nepal and India. Similarly, Kuanyin in China and Kannon in Japan are some of the 108 forms of Lokeshwor. His left-hand hold a white lotus in full bloom symbolizing that the flowering of enlightenment lies in compassionate activity, a bow, and an arrow symbolizing that enlightenment results in meditation and wisdom. In short, he is known as the savior and protector from danger so-called the god of protection. This thangka is believed as protection of homes and offices.

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