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Naumati baja

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1)Sahanai:- Sahanai i.e. Sanai is the main attraction of Naumati Baja which is in pairs and in the same texture. This instrument can be played only by very hardworking folk artists. When one clarinet is played by moving the finger, the other blows and gives only the tune. The Sanai, specially made of silver and brass, emits thirty-six raga melodies from the eight-hole Bhakha.
2)Damaha:- Similarly, one of the great instruments of Naumati is Damaha. This instrument, made of copper and leather, is played with a wooden harp. Its sound is thick and trembling in nature.
3)Narsinga :- The name Narsinga may have been derived from the Sanskrit word narsringa, which is a corruption of the word narsinga nar (man). The blowing place is small but gradually getting bigger and bigger. This copper instrument is divided into two sections, which are connected while playing. When carried without playing, a small part of it is carried inside the big part on the shoulder.
4)Taymko:- Another instrument that gives rhythm under Naumati is the tamko which has a texture almost like a small asthma. This small and quick instrument is played with a small wooden bell. When the melody of the clarinet sounds, the tambourine picks up the rhythm and the other bells begin to ring. Thus the tamko and the small damaha are complementary instruments. Sometimes Naumati Baja is played even in the absence of one or the other due to lack of instruments.
5)Dholaki:- The dholak is a two-headed hand drum, a folk percussion instrument. The instrument is about 45 cm in length and 27 cm in breadth

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