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  • Dimension : 54.34 × 30.48 × 25.4 cm
  • Weight : 9 kg
  • Material: wooden & brass metals
The harmonium is a keyboard instrument on which twelve semitones of the tempered scale are fixed once and for all in all the three octaves: mandra, madhya and tara. On keyboard instruments only straight notes can be played, grace notes and quarter-tones not being possible. There is no possibility of a slur, meend, or gamaka being played on the harmonium, which are the main essence of Hindustani music, and are essential to keep up the spirit of Hindustani ragadari system. However, it is possible to maintain the continuity of the music to some extent by a skilful handling of the bellows and finger pressure on the keys, but it cannot compete with the continuity of the human voice or the sarangi's sound.

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